tom Walker

I grew up on and around boats in Newport Beach, California. I  first picked up a camera at Newport Harbor High School and photography has been part of my life ever since.  Combining photography and boating was a natural extension for me, whether it's a sailboat regatta, boat show, boat owner's portraits or a linkedin headshot for my boating and yachting friends I love telling the stories though my camera. Recently I have added surfing to my visual story telling. It is my goal to take you on a visual journey. 

Recently I studied Landscape Lava Photography in Hawaii with Bruce Omori and Tom Kuali.  I have also studied with legendary surfing photographers Brian Bielmann, Michael Clark  and Zak Noyle . I have studied under renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley learning his unique style of headshot photography with his Headshot Intensive training. I love applying it to Boat and Yacht Owners Portraits creating images that tell a story. For my boating friends I can create a great headshot for their Linkedin or Facebook profile.  Peter's been a true mentor and a great friend. If headshots or sailing portraits are of interest please email me.

Studying with Moose Peterson for Landscape and Air to Air Vintage Aircraft Photography,  translates really well to my boating and sailing images.  Moose has taught me to see light in a unique way that I apply to my images every time I make a click.

My pictures have led me to places I never imagined, photographing the America's Cup Regatta in San Francisco Bay, the start of the Los Angeles to Hawai'i Transpac Race, regatta's up and down the coast of California. I am published in  many publications, the Australian FAA calendar,  the Newport Wooden Boat Show Calendar and the Primorsky Oceanarium" (Vladivostok, Russia), So Cal Sailing News, The Log, Wooden Boat are also showcasing my images. My affiliations include Sportsshooters the American Society of Media Photographers and the National Press Photographers Association.

My wife Robin and our son Thomas join me and inspire me on my photography journey.