My journey to explore infrared photography began with the Fuji X100F digital camera. Fuji did a great job developing and building this camera and, it's got a solid reputation and following. With 24 megapixels it's plenty of resolution and produces excellent images. The X100F is an order camera and I didn't need the film simulations so the F model works fine.  I chose mine from used. Good service and advise and it's been a reliable camera. I chose full spectrum modification as I have many filters. 

Things I believe are important to Infrared are:

Ability to produce RAW Files. I only photograph in RAW files in Infrared. 

Live View with Focus Peaking for accurate focusing. The Electronic Viewfinder is an added bonus however I mostly use the love view. 

Ability to make a custom White Balance for the LiveView screen. This allows me to get a better idea of what the image will look like. 

Live View Histogram makes for easier exposure settings. 

Reasonable Noise.

Compact Size. 

Camera others are using with Infrared. 

InfraredPhotography Journey with the Fuji X100F